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Petvo (1959) is a Dutch  m u l t i m e d i a  artist and writer who grew up in Arnhem(The Netherlands), a city known from the battle around the Rhinebridge in World War II. In 1968 he wrote a school essay about the year 2000, in which he predicted that everybody would have a personal computer. In 1993 he was one of the first who wrote about the upcomming internet in a column in a Dutch pc magazine.

A book about the life of Rembrandt influenced him intensely when he was eight years old. Later in life he followed classes at the Royal Academy of Art(1982-1983) in Ghent(Belgium) and graduated at the Royal Academy of Art(1985-1990) in Den Bosch(The Netherlands). He studied environmental- and monumental art which included sculpting conceptiual work and installations

From 1975 on he travelled extensively through Europe and North America. Out of curiosity he lived in Greece, Belgium, Canada and the USA(New York). In 1986/1987 some of his paintings where exposed in Tokio, Koreyamashi and Ikinawa City(Japan).